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Dana Is Major World Supplier Of Milk & Dairy
An Extensive Collection

Dana Dairy is your source of all types of Milk Powders. We carry an extensive collection including Full Fat, Fat Filled, Skimmed, and other types of milk powder for consumer or industrial use.

Milk Powder
Ultra-High Tempreture Milk

Dana’s UHT milk comes in Full Cream (Whole), Semi-Skimmed, and Skimmed types and is ultrahigh heated, homogenized and packaged in Tetra Slim Packs for extra long life and easy storage.

UHT Milk
Infant Milk Powder - Baby Milk

Dana’s mark of pride in excellence and quality, DANALAC Infant Formula carries all the nutrients and vitamins required for growing babies. DANALAC’s Three-Stage infant milk powder and baby milk helps babies develop into healthier and happier children.

Infant Formula
Strong and Happy Babies

Dana’s mark of pride in excellence and quality, DANALAC carries the nutrients and vitamins required for growing babies and children. DANALAC Baby Cereals are designed to strengthen babies during the most important phase of their growth.

Baby Cereals

DANALAC® Baby Cereals

DANA DAIRY Infant Food

Our baby cereals come in 10 different flavors.  They are a combination of five different kinds of cereal with skimmed milk and five different dehydrated fruits.  The product can be mixed with water or milk to create a smooth spoonable food for babies six months old and up.  Contact us for detailed information.

Baby CerealsBaby Cereals

Infant Formula in Tins

DANA Dairy Creation

We at DANA Dairy are proud to introduce you to our infant milk powder.  It is the DANALAC Infant Formula in three stages for infants of up to three years old.  The stages are specially formulated for baby milk powder by specialists to meet nutritional requirements of a growing baby.

Infant FormulaInfant Formula

UHT Milk in Small Plastic Bottles

DANA Dairy Cares

What great way to enjoy drinking milk right out of the bottle that is attractively designed and labeled for the milk drinking generation.  Our great tasting UHT milk comes in beautifully designed plastic milk bottles as an added value to the quality and great taste of wholesome milk that we deliver to your customers.

UHT Milk Plastic BottlesUHT Milk Plastic Bottles

UHT Milk in Tetra Paks

DANA Dairy for the Family

We provide the same best quality full, half skimmed, or skimmed UHT milk in Tetra Paks as well.  Tetra pak is known for its ease of shipment and preservation of freshness and a long-lasting shelf life.  Our Tetra Packs come in 1 liter and ½ liter sizes.

UHT Milk in Tetra PaksUHT Milk in Tetra Paks

Sweetened Condensed Milk in Tins

DANA Sweetened Condensed Milk

We are certainly proud of our sweetened condensed milk in tin cans of 400 gram and 1 kilogram.  We use 100% fresh cow milk and remove over half of the water content by heating it.  Then we add the right amount of sugar and mix.  This creates a smooth and rich texture and feel.  We then pack and seal in tins for product preservation.


Dana Sweetened Condensed MilkDana Sweetened Condensed Milk

Evaporated Milk Tins

DANA Evaporated Milk

We produce our Evaporated milk from fresh cow milk.  We first remove over half of the water content of the fresh milk.  We use a special heating process to do this.  Then we pack the remaining milk into tins of various sizes for shipping.  The result is a long lasting product for your shelves.


Dana Evaporated MilkDana Evaporated Milk

Family Size Pouches

Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

Same great taste of DANA’s Instant Full Cream Milk in personal size sachets is delivered in various family size pouches. This is a great shelve item and provides pure, refreshing cow milk mouth-filling taste to the family as well as all the nutrition. The milk powder is mixed with cold water or as an additive to coffee and tea.

Milk Powder PouchesMilk Powder Pouches

Personal Size Sachets

Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

Our IFCMP, made from pure, fresh cow’s milk produces a great refreshing soft drink when mixed with cold water. Our 15 and 20-gram personal sachet sizes are a popular shelve item, especially during high-temperature seasons. The milk powder is produced through a High-Temperature Spray Dry process. The powder, when mixed again with cold water, carries the original, pure homogenous, and full taste of fresh cow milk.

Milk Powder SachetsMilk Powder Sachets

Our Tin Collection

Instant and Fat Filled Milk Powder

Our milk powder is made from pure, fresh cow’s milk and can be delivered in 400, 900, and 2500gr tin cans completely ready for store shelves. The milk powder is produced through a High-Temperature Spray Dry process. The powder will turn back into original taste and form when mixed with cold water.

Milk Powder TinsMilk Powder Tins

Bulk Packaging

DANA Dairy Delivers

We can deliver our great quality milk powder in multi-layered bags to facilitate efficient and cost-effective shipment and storage of the product.  The packaging provides long storage life and guarantees the freshness of the milk powder when it reaches the hands of your consumers.  After shipment, the product can be made available directly to the consumer or be used for local repackaging.

Milk Powder 25kg BulkMilk Powder 25kg Bulk


Great Tasting Natural Butter

DANA Dairy Has Butter

Wholesome butter, made from cow’s fresh milk, is among the best tasting food substances the nature has to offer.  We use only top quality milk to produce pure butter.  Then we package it in bulk or in consumer packaging according to customer requirement.

Unsalted ButterUnsalted Butter


About DANA Dairy

Delivering Mother Nature’s Love


DANA Dairy is a major producer and provider of various milk products to the world’s market.  Through the years, we have come to take pride in the quality of our dairy products, the way we manufacture and the way we do business.  We are proud to have been able to cater drinking UHT milk, various types of milk powders, various cheese, butter, ice cream powders, baby milk powder, and many other dairy items to the world industrial and consumer markets.

We deliver the best nature has to offer.  Naturally, we care!

Private Brand/Label

For many years, DANA Dairy has been involved and committed to providing its premium high-quality products as private brand/label items thus rendering ourselves completely transparent to consumers.   In this field, we are proud to have been able to participate in production of some of the highest profile and well-known brand names and labels in the world.  We would be keen to discuss with you various options available t regarding private labeling and rebranding.

Through our rebranding and private label option, we don’t just produce dairy brands, but we create value and deliver wholesome food to world local markets, custom designed to and fit for the local culture and taste.

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