DANA Cheese Triangles & Slices

DANA Cheese Spreads & Cheese Slices by DANA Dairy

Rich In Calcium, Protein, And Vitamins
Dana Cheese

Our triangle cheese spreads and individually wrapped cheddar cheese slices are wonderful tasting and fast-moving shelf items in any part of the world.  They are packed in artfully designed packages made to look great on store shelves.  Our processed cheese collection are long-life shelf items and last a long time when kept in suitable conditions. The triangles are wrapped in aluminum foils while slices are wrapped in individual clear plastics making both products easy carry-on lunch items.

Cheese Triangles


DANA Cheese is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins. it is a wonderful tasting cheese spread great for breakfast and carry-on to work and school.

DANA Triangle cheese spreads are great processed cheeses that are fast-moving shelf items for any type of market worldwide

Cheese Ingredients

Mozzarella & Cheddar

DANA top quality cheese ingredients include a collection of various types of cheeses such as mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and Gouda cheeses.

DANA Dairy is a manufacturer and supplier of cheese ingredients such as Mozzarella cheese or Cheddar cheese blocks and grated or shredded mozzarella cheese in bulk packing

Cheese Slices

Individually Wrapped

New DANA Cheddar Cheese Slices come individually wrapped in pack of 12 and 24 packs per carton

DANA Cheddar Cheese Slices are great processed cheeses with wonderful taste and come in various flavours and colors. They make awesome shelf items for any market.


At Dana Dairy, we take pride in products we manufacture and the nutritional values we deliver to our customers worldwide. With each and every product, we make sure of quality and top standards our customers can only expect from Dana Dairy.

Our cheese is produced from fresh milk and other natural ingredients. We ensure the packaging process is done in highly sanitized environments. Therefore we can assure our customers that they are receiving a top-of-the-line item of high quality.

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DANA Spreadable Cheese
Processed Cheese Spreads

Our processed cheese spread is a creamy and tasty cheese. It is rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin B12. The product is produced in low fat or with normal natural fat. It is perfect for breakfast, snacks, and for all types of health concerned type of lifestyle.

Dana processed cheese comes in round boxes including eight portions totaling 140 grams. Each portion of the cheese spread is wrapped neatly in an Aluminum foil with tear strips. The product lasts up to 12 months when kept in refrigerated at a temperature between +2°C and +8°C.

Main ingredients include milk (or skimmed milk in case of low-fat cheese), water, cheese, and butter. The cheese color is Ivory and light yellow and it tastes mild and creamy.

Dana Processed Cheese Creamy Natural Spread Triangled Portions

DANA Processed Cheese Slices
Individually Wrapped CHEDDAR Cheese Slices

Dana’s individually wrapped cheddar cheese slices are a delicious and creamy cheese made using a pure dairy recipe.  They have nice cheesy feel and texture and are wonderful for use in cold and hot sandwiches all year-round.

Our cheese slices come individually wrapped and then packed in stacks of 12 per package.  Each package of 12 slices weight 200 grams.  The plastic packaging is artfully designed to look attractive on store shelves as a fast-moving consumer item.

There are 24 packs in each carton of the product.  The items shelf-life is 9 months.  The product should be kept at 2° to 8°C for best results.

Dana cheese slices are made from fresh cow milk and other natural ingredients with highest quality and standards.

New DANA Cheddar Cheese Slices come individually wrapped in a pack of 12 and 24 packs per carton

DANA 1033GR bulk slices
slice-on-slice (sos) CHEDDAR Cheese

Our Dana Slice-on-Slice cheddar cheese is a great solution for HoReCa business (hotel, restaurant and cafes).  The slices are not wrapped individually and are simply stacked on top of each other (in packs of 1033gr) in a way that they would easily come apart.  This way our slice-on-slice cheese is really easy to use in a fast and busy sandwich or burger shop.

The product specifications are:

  • Cheddar colored or cheddar white
  • 1033g per pack – 84 slices (3 stacks of 28 slices)
  • 12,3gr per slice with 76 x 76mm size
  • 8 packs per carton
  • Shelf life 9 +3 months at +2° to +8°C
Slice-On-Slice Cheddar Cheese 48 pack HoReCa Burger
CHEESE Ingredients

Cheddar Block Cheese 200gr
Processed Cheddar Cheese Blocks

Dana’s processed cheddar cheese block in 200-gram sizes is made with real cheddar cheese, butter, milk, and other ingredients.

The product comes in beautifully designed blue packages great as a fast-moving and highly in demand shelf item.

This product contains milk and milk derivetive products.

DANA Processed Cheddar Block Cheese 200gr

Mozzarella Block from Pasteurized Cow Milk
Frozen Mozzarella Blocks

Dana’s frozen mozzarella cheese block is made from pasteurized cow milk and comes in bulk blocks for easy transportation. Each 2.5kg block is jointly wrapped in blocks of 4 making 10kg each.

Our mozzarella cheese block contains 40% FIDM and 20.4% total fat.

The product can be stored in 18°C while it is still frozen. When thawed, we recommend immediate usage. No refreezing after defrosting.

DANA top quality cheese ingredients include a collection of various types of cheeses such as mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and Gouda cheeses.

Grated Mozzarella

Our frozen shredded mozzarella is also produced from whole fresh cow milk.  The milk is sourced from registered and approved European farms.  The cow milk is then pasteurized and turned into curd before it is formed into mozzarella.

The main ingredients of our grated mozzarella is made with milk, starter cultures, rennet, and salt. The shredded mozzarella is then packed in vacuumed polyethylene bags.  Each package consists of 6x2kg frozen saks.

Shreded Mozzarella Cheese Frozen Grated Bulk

Cheddar block from fresh cow milk
Mild Cheddar Cheese

DANA’s top quality mild cheddar is made from pasteurized milk.

The main ingredients include fresh cow milk, starter culture, rennet, and salt.

Our cheddar is made with good and firm body and with well-knit texture.

The product is well suited for cutting, slicing, or grating.  It has a uniform color throughout.

DANA Cheddar factory manufacturer

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Great Tasting Cheese Spread & Cheese Slices
Why DANA Cheese?
Best Brand
Top Quality – Known Brand

With DANA Cheese, you will be offering your customers a top quality, natural tasting product manufactured with best ingredients

Up To 12 Months
Long Lasting Shelf life

Our processed cheese is wrapped accordingly allowing a long storage life of up to 12 months in cool and dry storage environments bringing you greater freedom in moving the product into your market

Wonderful tasting breakfast or lunch item
Year Around Market

DANA cheese slices and triangles are all year-around consumer items that are in high in demand and are used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking giving you a stable market to work and grow in

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