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Here is a snapshot of Danalac baby cereals on store shelves in China
Danalac Baby Cereals Now on Chinese Store Shelves

Thank you for your interest in Dana Dairy®.  We are world’s leading producer, manufacturer, and supplier of dairy and milk products as well as top market value items for baby nutrition.

Our world-known brands DANA and DANALAC carry our mark of pride and excellence as they bring wholesome nutrition to the world.  Our products include:

Infant food:
  • DANALAC infant formula in 3 stages
  • DANALAC baby cereals in 10 wonderful flavors
  • DANALAC baby teething biscuits in 3 different flavors
Milk and dairy items:
  • DANA UHT milk in plastic bottles and tetra paks
  • DANA sweetened and unsweetened condensed milk
  • DANA various types of milk powder in tins, pouches, sachets, as well as 25kg bulk packing
  • DANA unsalted butter in consumer and bulk packages
  • DANA long-life cheese and yogurt products
  • An interesting range of soft-serve ice cream powders, ice cream premixes, and pre-mixed frozen yogurt in liquid long-life packing

We always welcome your comments and questions.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any details about our products or any other questions that may rise.  Please use the information below or the contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

DANA Dairy Group LTD
4-6, Av. Industrielle, CH-1227
Carouge, Switzerland

Dana International OÜ
Tartu mnt. 74
10144 Tallinn

Marketing Office
20 Rue Lavoisier, 95300 Pontoise, France
Phone Numbers:
Phone: +41 (22) 518 1147

Marketing Office
Phone: +33 1 84 88 65 76

Phone: + 372 600 2374

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