DANA Full Cream Evaporated Milk

Unsweetened Condensed Milk

with Natural Animal Fat

DANA Fat-Filled Evaporated milk

Unsweetened Condensed Milk

with Vegetable Fat

DANA Evaporated Milk

Unsweetened Condensed Milk In Tin Cans With Long Shelf Life

Our Evaporated Milk is produced from fresh cow milk. We remove over half the water content of fresh milk through a heating process and then seal and preserve the product in tin cans of various sizes for a long lasting shelf-life. The consumer needs only to add water in proportionate amount to restore the product into regular milk.

DANA Evaporated Milk

Unsweetened Condensed Milk in Tins

Made from fresh cow milk, DANA Evaporated Milk - full cream or fat-filled - can be used anywhere in place of fresh milk. It can be used in bakeries, chocolatiers, sweet shops, etc. It can also be mixed with water at home in order to restore it back to the original state of regular milk as a drink or as a great tea or coffee additive.

We remove the extra water content of the milk through a special heating process and then preserve and seal the product in tins. The tins help the preservation of the product on shelves and in storage for a long period of time. This is a great product both for store shelves for the consumers as well as industrial usage.

We Also Have Sweetened Condensed Milk

DANA Sweetened Condensed MilkDANA Sweetened Condensed Milk

DANA's full cream Evaporated milk

Unsweetened Condensed Milk - Made from fresh cow milk

Our Dana Evaporated Milk is an unsweetened condensed milk made from fresh cow milk.  It comes with full cream 7.5% natural animal fat content and contains 6.7gr protein.  The product has a creamy light color and carries the full taste of fresh milk.

We produce and manufacture our fat-filled Evaporated Milk in tin cans of 410 grams and 290 grams.  The tins are then packaged in multiples of 48 in a carton and sealed for shipment.

DANA's fat-filled Evaporated milk

Made from fresh unsweetened condensed milk with vegetable fat

Dana fat-filled Evaporated Milk is an unsweetened condensed milk in which normal animal fat content is removed and replaced with vegetable fat.  The milk is sterilized and carries the natural taste of milk.  The product has a homogeneous and smooth feel with a light creamy color.

Our fat-filled Evaporated Milk is delivered in tin cans of 400 grams and 170 grams.  The tins are packed in cartons of 48 each before shipment.

DANA Unsweetened Condensed Milk

We Bring Wholesome Goodness To The World

Full Cream or Whole Milk

DANA Evaporated Milk - Full Cream is made with fresh cow milk and carries the natural animal fat content of the milk.


DANA Fat-Filled Evaporated Milk is made with fresh skimmed cow milk. We remove the animal fat and replace it with vegetable fat.

We Also Have Sweetened Condensed Milk

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