DANALAC® Infant Formula
Baby Milk

Three Stage
Infant Nutrition
For Newborns To
36 Months Old

DANALAC® Infant Formula - Baby Milk

Best Infant Milk Powder Manufacturer
Strong and Healthy Babies

Dana Dairy is world's No. 1 baby formula manufacturer.

DANALAC 3-stage infant milk formula:

  • Designed for infants up to three years old
  • Top quality nutrients and vitamins for infants
  • Great product for your local baby food market

DANALAC Three Stage Infant Formula

Baby Milk Powder Made for Strong and Healthy Babies

DANALAC Infant Formula

Top Quality Baby Food For the World

DANALAC infant formula – baby milk, is Dana Dairy’s proud answer to all hungry babies of the world. 

As our flagship product, our infant formula is produced in three stages for infants of up to three years of age.  

We manufacture DANALAC infant formula with just the correct amount of nutrients and vitamins that a newborn's growing body needs.

The three stages are designed so the infant’s nutrient requirements at different phases of growth are adequately met.

This top quality baby milk product by Dana Dairy is a definite market winner.

Our infant formula comes in great looking tins of 400 gram designed to look just great on store and pharmacy shelves.

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DANALAC Baby Milk Powder

By Dana Dairy, Leading Infant Formula Supplier

With DANALAC, you are bringing a top quality baby food item - made by a world's leading baby formula supplier and manufacturer - to your local pharmacy and infant market.

Baby's body nutrient requirement changes rapidly during the first years of its growth.  That is why DANALAC infant formula comes in three stages to be able to provide the right amount of nutrition the baby needs during the specific phase. 

Important Note: Baby formulas are designed to complement or replace mothers milk at times breastfeeding is not possible. (We all agree mother's milk is the best and should be the first choice to feed infants.)

Stage One Infant Formula

DANALAC Stage One Baby Formula

The stage one is specifically designed for the baby from the time it is born until up to six months.   The product comes in a blue colored tin can with an easy-open feature.

Stage Two Infant Formula

DANALAC Stage Two Baby Formula

As the baby enters its second six months of its age, a number of nutrients and vitamins need to be adjusted so full and healthy growth can be ensured.  Our stage two comes in a pinkish color tins with a nice design for a great and fast moving product.

Stage Three Infant Formula

DANALAC Stage Three Baby Formula

And, ultimately stage three formula is intended to cover the next 2 years of baby's most important growing period in its life.  Again the right amount of nutrients are designed in this product to ensure healthy and happy growth for children.  The product is packaged in green tins with easy-open caps.

By Dana Dairy

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By Dana Dairy


Best Choice Infant Formula by Dana Dairy

Best Brand Baby Formula

With DANALAC infant formula you will be carrying a valuable product with top quality and well-known name brand which you can be proud of

Up To 24 Month

Our baby formula come with a long lasting shelf life of up to 24 months which means you will have greater freedom in moving the product in your market

Expanding Baby Food Market

DANALAC infant formula is a wonderful product for you to enter the ever-growing infant food sector with giving you a unique and broad venue in this market

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Dana Dairy® is world’s leading producer, manufacturer, and supplier of dairy and milk products as well as infant nutrition items such as infant formula and baby cereals. DANA is our world-known brand and carries our mark of pride and excellence.  DANA brings wholesome nutrition to the world. 

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