DANA Butterby DANA Dairy

Pure, Fresh, and Natural
Unsalted Butter

DANA’s unsalted butter is made from the cream made from cow’s fresh milk.  It is the best tasting food substance and ingredient Mother Nature has to offer.

Made from Fresh, Pure, and Natural Cream
DANA Unsalted Butter
DANA Dairy can provide sweet butter. Please contact for details.
DANA Dairy can provide sweet butter. Please contact for details.
Made From Fresh Cow Milk’s Cream
Pure, Natural Butter

Wholesome butter, made from cow’s fresh milk, is among the best tasting food substances the nature has to offer. We use only top quality cream to produce pure butter. Then we package it in bulk or in consumer packaging according to your requirement.


Dana Dairy® is world’s leading producer, manufacturer, and supplier of dairy and milk products. DANA is our world-known brand and carries our mark of pride and excellence.  DANA brings wholesome nutrition to the world. 

We always welcome your comments and questions.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any details about our products or any other questions that may rise.  Please use the information below or the contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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