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UHT Long Life Milk

A Long Shelf-Life Item

Our Ultra-High Heated and Homogenized cow long life milk is available in Full Cream (Whole Milk), Skimmed and Semi-Skimmed Milk.   The product carries the freshness and wholesome taste of fresh milk with the added long shelf-life value. We currently pack our UHT Milk in various size Tetra Paks and Plastic Bottles.

Dana's Slim Tetra Pak And Plastic Bottles

Dana 500ml
Great For Personal Use

Our all new 500 milliliter, personal size packaging is a wonderful shelf item. This is a great product for single milk drinkers who don't really need to take a bigger size milk home at once.

Dana's Slim 1-Litre Tetra Pak
Wonderful Choice For The Family

Dana's standard slim 1-liter tetra pak is the right choice for any size family who enjoy the fresh and natural taste of milk and care for a healthy and wholesome nutritional diet.

Plastic Bottles
We Also Have

The same great tasting milk that we have available in tetra paks, is now available in beautifully designed plastic bottles (HDPE). These are great personal - carry to work and school - items for everyone.

UHT Milk – Long-life Milk in Tetra Paks & Plastic Bottles

Ultra-High Temperature Milk in Tetra Paks or Plastic HDPE Bottles

In Tetra Slim Paks or Plastic Bottles

UHT Milk – Dana's Long-life Liquid Milk in Tetra Pak

Pure cow’s milk processed in Ultra High Temperature carries the pure-homogenous, full taste of milk. The UHT process gives milk long life. Dana’s UHT milk comes in Full Cream (Whole), Semi-Skimmed, and Skimmed types and is ultrahigh heated, homogenized and packaged in Tetra Paks for extra long life and easy storage.

Dana UHT Milk in Plastic Bottles HDPE

In 250 ml, 500ml, and 1-Liter Sizes

The same fresh and pure taste of milk that comes with Dana’s milk in Tetra paks, also comes in beautifully designed plastic bottles or HDPEs. Plastic bottles are wonderful and easy-to-carry containers for today’s busy men and women. The design of the label is also aimed at encouraging younger children to drink milk.

The same way, Dana’s UHT milk in bottles is produced and packed according to European dairy industry standards. The milk comes in three variations of skimmed, semi-skimmed, and full cream milk (whole milk). Contact us to see how we can help with your next upcoming requirement.

Our Dana products are produced and processed according to European technical standards for “Ultra High Temperature” milk production. The process allows for the long-life characteristic of the milk while the package is not opened and it is stored at normal room temperature. Once the package is opened, the product should be kept refrigerated at all times and should be consumed as quickly as possible.


Dana’s full cream milk or whole milk contains the natural fat content of the milk without any being removed. This is usually 3.5% of the total weight of the milk. Full cream milk brings with itself the natural and wholesome taste of cow’s milk along with its smooth texture and feel.

Dana’s Skimmed Milk retains only a minimum of the original fat content of cow’s milk which is 0.5% of the total weight of the product. Dana's skimmed milk is a great way of keeping the original taste and natural flavor of the milk while doing away with major part of milk’s fat content.

Meeting the requirement of the adult milk drinkers with both the need to control fat intake as well as the desire to keep the taste and flavor of the true milk, our semi-skimmed milk contains only 1.5% fat with more than half of the milk's natural fat being removed.


Easy-Of-Mind Distribution

The Ultra-High Temperature processing brings you a long lasting shelf item. Our UHT long life milk helps facilitate an extended period of time for storage of the product while it is being distributed through your market channels.

Economically Sound

The same UHT processing that gives Dana's long shelf life also enables you to store the product at normal room temperature. This brings a very economical way to store the product while you are moving it through your distribution channels.

Great Looking Design

Dana’s UHT Milk tetra paks or plastic bottles bring extra advantage to your product in the market. The design makes it easy for your consumers to enjoy the refreshing taste of Dana milk and easily refrigerate the leftover.

DANA Milk At The Factory

A Glimpse At 250 ml UHT Milk Production

Our Full Plastic Bottle Collection

Made From 100% Pure And Fresh Cow Milk

One Litre Semi-Skimmed One Litre Semi-
500 ml Semi-Skimmed 500 ml Semi-Ski
250 ml Semi-Skimmed 250 ml Semi-Ski
250 ml Full Cream 250 ml Full Cre
500 ml Full Cream 500 ml Full Cre
One Litre Full Cream One Litre Full

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