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DANA Dairy is a major producer and provider of various milk products to the world’s market. Through the years, we have come to take pride in the quality of our dairy products and the way we do business. We are proud to have been able to cater drinking UHT milk, various types of milk powders, various cheese, butter, ice cream powders, and many other dairy items to the world industrial and consumer markets.

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Company Introduction

Dana Dairy Group – Thank you for your interest in Dana Dairy Group.  We are a world-leading producer and supplier of top quality milk and dairy products.  Our DANA brand is our mark of excellence. It is well known to consumers around the world and is established globally as a trusted and high-quality source of wholesome dairy nutrition and food products.

Dana Dairy Logo Gray Scale
Dana Dairy Logo Gray Scale

At Dana Dairy we take pride in our products and we strive to bring you the same quality and high standards that have made us proud for many years.  Whether you are a local trader or a countrywide importer of major milk and dairy items based in Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Africa, or Latin America, we can provide you with an extensive portfolio of top value dairy products for your business to expand on.

Our flagship product, DANALAC® infant formula and our baby nutritional foods such as cereals and teething biscuits are superior items that cater directly to the baby-food industry.  These products are developed and packaged in Europe with all the expected high standards according to European regulations.

Our extensive collection of dairy products includes UHT milk, Evaporated and Sweetened Condensed milk, powdered milk in various types of packaging, as well as butter, cream, yogurt, and cheese.

We take great care in how we choose our sources of milk that we use to produce our products.  Therefore you can rest assured that you will be taking a great product into your market – one that your customers will come back to you over and over again for more.   We mainly source our milk from European and New Zealand Dairy outlets.

We have made it a culture at Dana Dairy to pay careful attention to your needs as our valued customer.  The practice has been a major factor helping us become a successful supplier and producer of key dairy items delivering to a variety of tastes and preferences in the international dairy market.  From your products’ label design and packaging to various sizes and even languages, we are here to meet your needs and requirements.  

Our operation spans in three major offices in Europe in addition to many local sales and operations coordinating teams across Africa, Middle-East, and Far East Asia.  Our aim is to keep an ongoing and close relationship with you – our customer – and help you develop your local market into a stable and prosperous long-term venture.

With Dana Dairy Group, you can be sure that we are strictly committed to your privacy and confidentiality.  We guarantee the security of your market and information related to it.  We, in turn, remain fully and totally transparent in all of our transactions with you.  That will include product ingredients, processing methods, the origin of raw material, etc.

We have participated in many international exhibitions and events in recent years.  The main shows we have attended include Paris-SIAL, Gulfood, and FHC China.  Contact us for details on upcoming events and shows where we come to your town.

At Dana Dairy, we create value.  We strive to deliver wholesome goodness to the world.  We bring natural food full of nutrients to global consumers.   Naturally, we care.


Private Branding

For many years, DANA Dairy has been involved and committed to providing its premium high-quality products as the private brand and white-label items thus rendering ourselves completely transparent to your consumers.   In this field, we are proud to have been able to participate in the production of some of the highest profile and well-known brand names and labels in the world.  We would be keen to discuss with you various options available regarding private labeling and rebranding.

While we recommend DANA as the brand that is recognized internationally, we understand that at some situations and marketplaces, that may not be suitable.  We would be keen to discuss with you various options available regarding private labeling and rebranding of our milk and dairy products.  Nevertheless, you and your consumers will get the same quality and high-standard products as comes under DANA.

Through our rebranding and private label option, we don’t just produce dairy brands, but we create value and deliver wholesome food to the world local markets, custom designed to and fit for the local culture and taste.

Reach Out To Us

We at Dana Dairy are constantly researching and developing newer and more advanced products with the aim to respond positively to the growing worldwide dairy market.  We love bringing healthy food and nutrition to the world consumers and we welcome you as our strategic partner with local market access.  We strive to extend our market reach globally with you.  

To receive further details about our products, please do not hesitate to reach out and talk to us.  We are available by our company email, website contact form, as well as our phone numbers listed here and on our website.  Our account executives are constantly available and eager to respond to your questions and provide details and assistance.    

Please do not hesitate to contact us on your next requirement for first-grade dairy products.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


DANALAC ® Infant Formula – as our flagship product, DANALAC infant formula is a complete solution for all healthy and growing babies.  While we wholeheartedly believe that mother’s milk remains to be the number one source of nutrition for the newborn, there are many instances where breastfeeding may not be possible or sufficient.  DANALAC comes to help by filling the gap providing the main nutrients baby’s well-being and growth requires.

Danalac Baby Food Infant Formula Three Stages
Danalac Baby Food Infant Formula Three Stages

DANALAC infant formula is a creamy powder that is mixed with water during preparations.  The mixture is then bottle-fed to the child.  The formula is developed and manufactured under the supervision of doctors and baby nutrition specialists in Europe to ensure that all the required quality and standards are met.  The product comes in three kinds for three different phases of baby’s growth with the specific configuration suited to that period of child’s life.

DANALAC is made under the careful and professional supervision of doctors and baby nutritionists carrying many years of experience in the field.  This ensures that all the products that we produce match our high standards and values.  We treasure our business relationship with you and strive to meet the high expectations of our partners and end consumers.

Our infant formula is accompanied by two main companion products.  They are DANALAC Cereals in 10 wonderful flavors and DANALAC baby teething biscuits which in addition to our infant formula create a collection and variety of delicious baby food,  rich in nutrition values and specially formulated for growing babies.

DANA UHT Milk – Our long-life liquid milk is favorite drinking milk in many parts of the world.  We have newly added beautifully designed plastic bottles to our package options in addition to our slim tetra paks.  Our bottles have been welcomed with much excitement by our customers and store owners.

250ml-UHT Milk Full Cream HDPE Plastic Bottle
250ml-UHT Milk Full Cream HDPE Plastic Bottle

We produce UHT milk in three types to meet various consumer preferences.  Our full cream milk (whole milk) contains 3.5% of milk fat.  This is how much fat the cow milk naturally comes with.  We also provide skimmed milk at 0.5% and semi-skimmed milk at 1.5% fat content.

We use 100% pure and fresh cow milk to produce our UHT drinking milk.  The UHT process gives our drinking milk a long shelf life of over one year and the storage facilities will only be required to be at normal room temperature.  

Our long-life UHT milk in plastic bottles or slim tetra packs are produced and packed according to European dairy industry standards.  Therefore you can be sure of the highest quality product delivered to you at most cost-effective means.  We urge you to contact us for your upcoming requirement and see how easy and profitably-sound we can supply you with wonderful drinking milk made to move directly onto store shelves at your local market.

Evaporated and Sweetened Condensed Milk – Our concentrated milk solutions are also favorites in many store outlets and confectionary factories throughout the world.  They are also a great and refreshing food and beverage additives loved by coffee and tea drinkers.

Made from fresh cow milk, our sweetened condensed milk is made after over half of the water content of the milk is removed through a special heating process.  The liquid milk is then turned into a rich, thick, and smooth mixture when the right amount of sugar is blended in.  Our sweetened condensed milk can be used in the food industry anywhere milk is used.

DANA Sweetened Condensed Milk
DANA Sweetened Condensed Milk

Our evaporated milk is also produced from 100% pure fresh cow milk.  The product is sealed and preserved in tin cans after over half the water content of the milk is removed through a special heating process.  This product has a long lasting shelf life and will turn into wonderful and refreshing milk drink when water is added by the consumer.  Our milk-evaporate can be used anywhere in place of fresh regular milk.  The product can also be used as a coffee and tea additive.

Powdered Milk – Dana Dairy’s milk powder is produced through a process called the High-Temperature Spray Dry method.  The resulting powder, when mixed with water, again turns into milk delivering the original, pure, and full taste of fresh milk.

Dana Milk Powder Sachet Personal Size
Dana Milk Powder Sachet Personal Size

We provide our milk powder in sachets and pouches, in tin cans, as well as in 25kg multi-layered Kraft paper bags.  Our tin cans include 400gr, 900gr, 1.8kg, and 2.5kg sizes.  Our sachets and pouches come in 15gr, 20gr, and 50gr personal size sachets as well as 400gr, 800gr, 900gr, and also 1.8kg and 2.25kg.

Our milk powder also comes in many types such as full cream, fat filled, instant full cream, instant fat filled, and skimmed milk powder. Our product managers are available to provide specific details about your requirement and stay only a phone call away.

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