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ANUGA 2019 DAY ONE – And The Winner is DANA Sweetened Condensed Milk

It seems on the first day of the show, our DANA Sweetened Condensed Milk comes out to be the winner after all.

As usual, the ANUGA 2019 show has begun to a wonderful start with Dana staff at hand to meet and go social all the way with our old and new customers.

With Vladimir and Aleksei from the Estonian office and Alex and David from marketing at the France office present at the show, nothing could be more exciting than being able to present our newest product developments to our customers worldwide.

Visiting us from across the globe, for the first day, our sweetened condensed milk came to be the most attractive subject people wanted to talk about. And, it seems we already were successful in making some deals right at the scene on the first day.

Hale the DANA sweetened condensed milk.

But, that is not all.  This year, we are presenting our DANALAC GOAT milk formula with the all-new package designs.  Our goat milk formula for babies from newborns up to 3 years of age, is probably the most advanced goat milk formula product available today in the market in Europe, or anywhere else.

DANA is now offering its DANALAC range of products on  We will be expanding to Pan European Amazon very soon covering the whole European continent with our baby formula and purees and …  Our European customers can purchase our products online from DANALAC on Amazon UK.

Our new goat milk formula in three stages is gluten-free, GMO-free, and Palm Oil free.  It carries many valuable nutrients that all comparable products lack.  Such as DHA, ARA, GOS, and FOS.  This is simply the best goat milk infant and toddler formula you can find in the market.

ANUGA 2019, of course, continues through the week until Thursday.  So, we all hope to be able to see them as well.  Please stop by. at “BOULEVARD STAND 050”.

We look forward to seeing you there.