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DANA 250ml Bottles Now Available on Amazon – Great Lunchbox Item Full Cream Whole Milk or Semi-Skimmed

You can find DANA's products now on all Amazon European marketpalces in United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.

We are all  happy to announce our recent approaches to expand in Europe in a new fashion: Online and Direct-to-consumer.   Yes, we want to bring DANA’s great quality and products to our consumers in Europe.

And, to do that, we’ve chosen the familiar name everyone trusts nowadays.

DANA MILK - UHT long-life 250ml semi-skimmed or whole full cream milk in hdpe bottles with screw caps and beautiful package designs.
DANA MILK – UHT long-life 250ml semi-skimmed or whole full cream milk in hdpe bottles with screw caps and beautiful package designs.


Now, you can find our shops throughout Europe on DANA Amazon marketplaces in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, and France.

The and foremost product that we saw fit for the market was our famous 250ml HDPE plastic bottle full cream and semi-skimmed UHT milk from France.

And, as it seems it has already been received quite well and already sales are up and we are busy trying to keep up with demands.

But, we are enjoying it all. That is what direct-to-consumer approach brings you. you get to be in contact directly with your respective customers and end users. This way you get direct feedback, direct results and most importantly, you get out of your daily everyday routines.

Our 250ml UHT milk bottles are a perfect fit to be offered online on Amazon. They are long-life milk so this gives us the chance to deliver the product the fulfillment facilities and from there to the customer while keeping the freshness and natural taste of the milk intact.

At the same time, our UHT milk is an ambient product. That means it can be safely kept at room temperature until the “Best-Before-Date” of the product while the seal has not been broken yet.

Shop DANA Online
Shop DANA Online

We are looking forward into 2020 to bring in more of our products in our new online shops as we continue to build our brand in Europe and the United States.

Please feel free to visit our stores on Amazon and let us know your comments and feedback.

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