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World Most Favored Infant Milk Powder Formula – DANALAC

The aim is simple and straight forward.  We plan on reaching every corner of our planet with our DANALAC baby formula.
The aim is simple and straight forward. We plan on reaching every corner of our planet with our DANALAC baby formula.
Danalac Infant Formula

On January 2, right at the beginning of the New Year, we released a press announcement declaring our indented work plans for 2017.

The aim is simple and straight forward.  We plan on reaching every corner of our planet with our DANALAC baby formula.

Why?  Because we think we have a wonderful product and one that is in high demand around the world.

We at Dana Dairy and the DANALAC team wholeheartedly believe that there has never been and will never be a true replacement for mother’s milk.

Mother’s milk is what nature itself developed and delivers all the right ingredients a baby’s body requires.

And, we want and believe in promoting breastfeeding newborns and children.  We think it is a culture that has to be preserved and cherished.

At the same time, we can understand mothers’ obligations and limitations.  There are many times that breastfeeding is just not possible.  Or it may not be possible for all meals for the day.

In that case, we are happy that we can provide a solution.  It is called DANALAC Infant Formula.

We launched DANALAC in late 2015 and observed the immediate positive response from our customers around the globe.

The successful launch and progress have emboldened us to carry on for the coming year along with much higher goals and ambitions.

We encountered surprisingly rapid growth in our sales network globally as we introduced our baby milk formula to the global audience.

Now, using our innovative production and marketing approaches, we can now make it our goal to turn the 2016 success into a grand slam in 2017.

We will make DANALAC world’s most favored infant milk powder formula.

We produce and manufacture our infant formula in Europe according to EU’s guidelines and high standards.  This is as well as the CODEX standards.

We make sure that our customers are able to provide their toddlers one of the best replacements for mothers milk available in the market.

We have designed the DANALAC infant milk powder carefully in close collaboration with partners with several decades of experience in the field.

We will be happy to see more and more local market leaders coming on board with our DANALAC infant formula.

So far the response has been great and we expect much more in the coming months.

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