• Contains all necessary nutrients for proper development of the baby
  • Prebiotics (GOS and FOS) promote digesting & prevent infections
  • DHA/ARA contributes to the development of the brain and the organs of vision.
  • Folic acid maintains functional integrity of the nervous system & optimized growth of cells
  • Iodine, iron and taurine benefit brain development and formation of eye-sight organs
Important Notice

Breastfeeding should always be the primary choice for feeding your baby.
Nothing can come close to Mum’s own milk.
The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of baby’s life.

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Amazon Customer Reviews

I had to give this to my daughter for 7 days while on antibiotics, I found that this product cause less congestion than dairy as its gentler on the digestive system than cows milk and I did read that in general babies have less allergic reactions than with cows milk, so I went for this and was pleased. My daughter was 5 months when I purchased this. Recommended over cows milk.

Amazon Customer Reviews

I tried this to see if it would have any affect on my baby’s colic. Sadly it didn’t(although it did eventually sort itself out on its own). The formula tastes alright (I gave it a go out of curiosity), and it’s easy to mix. (It is frothier than normal formula so it’s easier to put the water in before the powder.)

Amazon Customer Reviews

I was skeptical at first but this stuff really works. Our baby has much less winding in fact winding has been virtually eliminated since we put him on this. The infracol and gripe water has barely been needed. Very pleased with this product. Happy baby = happy parents.

Amazon Customer Reviews

This stuff is easy to mix, doesn’t form clumps. It has a little measuring spoon in each tin. There’s a flat edge on the inside of the neck which you use to flatten the top out for correct measurement.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Very good milk especially if your child has cows milk allergies.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Great, easily digestible milk for fussy babies. Easier on their gut.

Amazon Customer Reviews

It’s easy to make and my son said he likes the taste.

Why goat milk?

Milk and other formulas create curds by reacting with your baby’s stomach acid. Some formulas create hard curds while others create soft curds. This has an effect on how it passes through your baby’s stomach. Goat milk formula creates a softer curd, which makes it easier for your baby to digest.
While both goat milk formula and other kinds contain lactose, goat’s milk has a little less (about a half a percent difference). Cow’s milk, loaded with lactose, is oftentimes the culprit when people have gas, bloating, or other digestive issues.
Goat milk formula contains selenium - This is a great mineral to help support the immune system and give babies that extra boost they need. It makes sense that any mother would want to protect their child from sicknesses.
Easy To Digest
Goat milk formula contains more short and medium fatty acids, which in turn makes it easier for your baby to digest. The difference between this and cow’s milk is that cow’s milk has longer fatty acids. This makes more work for your baby’s digestive system.
Filled With Nutrients
Goat milk formula is laden with various nutrients that are essential to your baby’s growth and development. Goat milk contains nearly 35% of calcium requirements? And that’s just in one cup! It also is a fantastic source of riboflavin, phosphorous, vitamin B-12, protein, potassium, and more
Goat’s milk is very high in calcium. This is great news, as you can get the benefits of cow’s milk without the additives and extra hormones.
Goat milk can help babies having digestive issues or limitations regarding absorbing vitamins and minerals, Goat milk formula can help boost and support metabolism. Goat’s milk has been shown to increase the ability to metabolize minerals like iron and copper.
Goat’s milk is smoother in many ways than cow’s milk, and it doesn’t cause inflammation.

Now Available At Amazon

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